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URG Jets is a marketing and referral partner for private jet transporters, providing reliable and secure mobility services.

Private jet travel is fast becoming the best viable alternative travel arrangement for both business and pleasure. We partner with best in class private aviation experts to bring this service. It enables you to plan your trips on your terms. Our partners offer variety of luxury solutions for most unique travel needs whether your travel plans involve around the country or some other exotic destinations around the world.

When it is time for you to travel, it is about get a charter and go. No need to worry about fractional ownerships, maintenance issues and carrying costs.

Our goal is to offer you direct access to right operators in our network and let you experience the best in class. No clutter. Just exceptional service.

Travel is something that you experience personally. Luxury travel is mostly about service and we will always appreciate your thoughts on how to improve.

When you are ready to book a trip or buy a jet please visit URG CHECKOUT.

Our offices are located in New York City. Our partner companies offices are located in various parts of the world, ready to deliver exceptional service and to meet our client expectations.

Great service all around


URG Jets does not own, maintain, charter or operate aircraft and is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All travel information, scheduling and transaction services are offered and provided by third party federally licensed direct air carriers in respective jurisdictions. URG Jets acts as an agent of its clients and serves on their behalf to arrange charter flights. All charter flights associated with URG Jets are operated by third party FAA certified Part 135 air carriers. The Part 135 carrier(s) operating the flights under this agreement exercise(s) full operational control of the aircraft at all times. Carriers providing service under this agreement meet FAA requirements for commercial transportation of retail charter clients.

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